Review: Time Lock by Christopher L. Bennett
Reviews / August 15, 2016

As Star Trek novels (or, in this case, novellas) go, Time Lock was a very different sort of read. It’s set in the original timeline, within the extended universe that has continued beyond TNG, DS9, and Voyager, but aside from a few instances of name-dropping, it has nothing to do with the characters with which readers are most familiar. Instead, this is a sort of side series, dealing with the Department of Temporal Investigations. Christopher L. Bennett had his work cut out for him here, not only telling a story without the most famous characters or starships, but one that’s entirely dependent on the intricacies of time travel. In lesser hands, this could have been a confusing, convoluted mess. Not only do we have time travel, but there’s the paradox of viewing the present/future at the same time, and the added complication of time moving slower/faster for different characters. Even as a seasoned fan, I found it a bit challenging to maintain a sense of time inside and outside the facility, but that was part of the fun. The characters here really don’t get enough time to really develop or stand out as truly memorable, but they do a serviceable job of…

Review: Miasma by Greg Cox
Reviews / February 24, 2016

When it comes to media tie-ins – whether it be movie, television, or comic book – one name that consistent comes to mind is Greg Cox. Winner of 3 Scribe Awards from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, Cox has adapted everything from The Avengers, Batman, and Buffy, to Xena, The X-Files, and X-Men. He is also the author of two dozen novels and short stories in the various Star Trek universes, with Miasma being his first Star Trek e-book. The plot itself is simple, with Spock, McCoy, Chekov, and a few red-shirts sent to investigate an alien signal coming from an unexplored planet. Things begin to go wrong from the start, when their shields produce an explosive reaction in the atmosphere, and then quickly get worse when they crash their shuttle craft in the middle of a swamp. As if that weren’t enough, their phasers are just as dangerous in the planet’s atmosphere, their communicators are useless, and there are massive, man-eating leech-like monsters hunting them in the mist. In many ways, this plays like an sci-fi horror story, more akin to the Alien or Predator franchises than Star Trek, but Cox’s mastery of the characters, the mythology, and the humor of the series makes it…

Upcoming Releases: February 21 – 27, 2016
Upcoming Releases / February 20, 2016

Here’s a rundown of the books we think you should look out for in coming in the week. See any that you are really looking forward to? Find any you had not heard of yet? Know of books we missed? We know we don’t have everything and would love to hear what you feel we may have overlooked.   FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR     FANTASY       SCIENCE FICTION         HORROR     FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR   Miasma Greg Cox 2/22/2016 Pocket Books Alliance S.K. Dunstall 2/23/2016 Ace A Gathering of Shadows V.E. Schwab 2/23/2016 Tor Good Girls Glen Hirshberg 2/23/2016 Tor The Absconded Ambassador Michael R. Underwood 2/23/2016