Upcoming Releases: August 7 – 13, 2016
Upcoming Releases / August 6, 2016

Here’s a rundown of the books we think you should look out for in coming in the week. See any that you are really looking forward to? Find any you had not heard of yet? Know of books we missed? We know we don’t have everything and would love to hear what you feel we may have overlooked.   FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR   FANTASY           URBAN FANTASY     SCIENCE FICTION     HORROR     FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR   Eterna and Omega Hieber, Leanna Renee 8/9/2016 Pathfinder Tales: Starspawn Wagner, Wendy N. 8/9/2016 The Last Days of New Paris China Mieville 8/9/2016 Dead to Rites Ari Marmell 8/9/2016 Nevernight Jay Kristoff 8/9/2016 The Guns of Empire Django Wexler 8/9/2016 Good Morning, Midnight Lily Brooks-Dalton 8/9/2016 I Am Providence Nick Mamatas 8/9/2016