Review: Master Assassins by Robert V.S. Redick
Reviews / March 21, 2018

Master Assassins is a great first book in series.  It’s overall scope is epic but at the same time it manages to shine the focus on the love and rivalry between two brothers.  The world building is really strong, it’s packed with imagination and twists and it promises more goodness yet to come. Before sinking my teeth into this review I must say that the title could be, unintentionally I might add, a little misleading.   The two brothers are indeed fleeing for their lives but the idea that they’re master assassins is a misconception on the part of their would-be capturers.  In actual fact the two really stumbled into trouble by accident rather than design but it does become apparent as the story progresses that whilst they might have bumbled into trouble they clearer have a much bigger role to play in future events. The story starts by introducing to us two half brothers, Kandri and Mektu.  The two are soldiers in the Army of Revelation fighting for the Prophet who released their people from slavery.  The war camp is a miserable place to say the least.  The soldiers are weary of the constant conflict, the Prophet they serve and…