Review: Red Right Hand by Levi Black
Reviews / July 28, 2016

Red Right Hand is a book based in a world full of monsters.  A dark and frightening place that takes inspiration from the work of Lovecraft.  I must say that I didn’t love this book and this puzzles me to an extent.  Perhaps the fact that I haven’t read any Lovecraft didn’t help but for me it was a strange combination of brutal truths and flashbacks combined with gruesome horror.  I certainly wouldn’t try to dissuade anyone from reading as I’m sure Lovecraft fans will find a wealth of imagination here to capture their attention. The pacing is good.  We get off to an immediate start as we’re introduced to Charlie Tristan Moore as she returns home from a disastrous night out with her boyfriend to be confronted by three skinhounds (which are every bit as bad as they sound and seem to have designs on Charlie).  Charlie is rescued by an unlikely Man in Black (MiB), a strange character, foreboding, not totally trustworthy, with a ruined red right hand and a leather coat that seems to have a mind of it’s own.  I wouldn’t say that the MiB has any redeeming characters, in fact it feels a little like going…

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