Review: School for Psychics by K.C. Archer
Reviews / June 7, 2018

I have mixed feelings for School for Psychics and even now, after sitting on this review for a little while, I’m not entirely sure how I feel.  On the one hand it was undoubtedly a fairly quick read, it held my attention, I never suffered from ‘not wanting to pick it back up syndrome’ but on the other hand it’s quite possibly a trope too far.  In fairness to the author and the book I think my reading has suffered a little in the past week or so due to feeling under the weather so there is that and on top of that I seem to have read a run of books lately with similar themes which undoubtedly has left me feeling a bit jaded.  As it is, yes, this was entertaining.  Would I continue on?  I actually would – but I’d be strongly hoping to see some uniqueness enter the formula. The start of the story introduces us to our young protagonist Teddy Cannon.  Teddy has spent most of her life screwing up any opportunities that come her way.  She’s now a young twenty-something with very few prospects, living in a converted garage at her adoptive parents house and trying to…