Review Policy

October 30, 2015

We are a team of bloggers, and while we have similar preferences in reading, we also have some diversity in our reading preferences within the genre. One thing we definitely have in common is that we all love Speculative Fiction and we love to read and talk about the books we read. Any requests will be presented to the team and if one of our reviewers has both the capacity and the interest in reviewing the book, then their review will be featured on The Speculative Herald.

Unfortunately, even with a team of readers/reviewers, we still can’t read everything. We do however love to hear about new books, so if it falls within our preferred genres, we are happy to take a look. We also love to hear about opportunities for author interaction or giveaways, especially for books we review. We cannot guarantee that we will read all books submitted to us, but if one of our reviewers does read it, we will review it. Getting a book for review from a publisher in no way impacts our reviews, we will remain just as honest as we are for books we paid for. It is up to the discretion of the individual reviewers where (and if) their reviews will be cross posted, but it will generally include their personal blogs and typically Goodreads as well.

How to reach us:

Email: speculativeherald(at)

Twitter: @SpecHerald

Disclaimer: We have a very tight schedule, and with review copies from publishers in addition to trying to keep up with our own TBRs, we do not take on self published books. It’s nothing personal; it is just a shortage of time.

Also, with that shortage of time and the number of queries we receive, we apologize that  we are unfortunately unable to reply to all requests.

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