The Speculative Herald is Recruiting!

September 22, 2016

The Speculative Herald is looking to expand our team! We are hoping to add some fellow lovers of speculative fiction as regular contributors (at least one post a month, preferably 2 or more).

What are we looking for? Pretty much any solid content related to speculative fiction. We would love to add some team members for more new/upcoming release reviews, but also for non-review content as well. If you would be interested in contributing a News Roundup post or something else to keep us all up to date on the latest goings on, let us know! We are excited to see what others may have to offer.

What does it pay? Good Karma and gratitude. Nothing monetary, as we are all volunteers who just love sharing our thoughts on books.

Interested? Apply Here

We will respond to every application, but the response may depend on how many applications are submitted (we want to give everyone a fair shot). Since this is the first time we are running an open recruitment, I hope you can bear with us if we run into anything unexpected. Ideally, we would like to respond within two weeks. We may have some follow up questions for individuals as well before we make any final decisions.

Lisa Taylor
See Me.

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