News: The Dragon is Waking

August 19, 2015

ShieldWhat is this?

A dragon is waking.

But don’t be scared. While this dragon is fierce in its own way, it is likely not in the manner you are accustomed. Also, it does not hoard it’s treasure, so when it wakes it’s bounty will be shared with all. Everyone knows all dragons like shiny things, but this one does not go for gold or silver or gems.

This dragon obsesses over procuring and learning about the newest, shiniest books in speculative fiction. Fantasy books in particular.

Come late September, The Speculative Herald dragon will wake and share everything it knows with news and reviews about these books.


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Lisa Taylor
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Lisa Taylor

I read. Mainly fantasy. Sometimes horror or science fiction. I like books that have a dark side and am not a fan of happy fairy tales. I also have a tendency to tell people what I think of these books (and hopefully why!)

You can also find me blogging about books at Tenacious Reader
Lisa Taylor
See Me.

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  • James Schmidt September 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    Can’t wait! This is very awesome!

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